A Luxury Hotel in Space? Aurora Station Promises VR and Wi-Fi, If It Gets Off Earth

  • 2018-04-13 05:52:35

A Luxury Hotel in Space? Aurora Station Promises VR and Wi-Fi, If It Gets Off Earth

Ever dreamed of vacationing in space? Aurora Station, a luxury space hotel, promises virtual reality and Wi-Fi for travelers in low Earth orbit — but we'll have to wait and see if the station really flies. A space technology startup called Orion Span recently announced plans for its Aurora Station, expecting to launch in 2021 and begin hosting tourists by 2022. Visitors aboard Aurora Station would be able to enjoy Wi-Fi, weightlessness, a virtual reality experience on the holodeck and an authentic astronaut experience.

Aurora Station would host six people at a time, including two crewmembers and four guests, for a 12-day stay in space, the startup said. The station would soar 200 miles (320 kilometers) above the Earth's surface, in low Earth orbit, completing one trip around the planet every 90 minutes. This means that guests would experience an average of 16 sunrises and sunsets every day and have the chance to fly above their hometowns. They would also have the opportunity to see the northern and southern auroras from the station's windows.

Guests would also be able to also stay in touch or live stream with loved ones on Earth using the station's high-speed, wireless internet. Upon returning to Earth, they would be greeted with a specially arranged hero's welcome, according to the statement.

Orion Span is now accepting reservations for future stays on the Aurora Station. The $80,000 deposit is fully refundable and allows you to secure a spot on the waitlist, company representatives said.

Source: www.space.com