Building fire near Kalighat Metro

  • 2018-01-30 09:16:07

Building fire near Kalighat Metro

A fire softened out up the electrical meter box of a five-story expanding on Rashbehari Avenue only 50m from Kalighat Metro station on Monday morning, activating frenzy among individuals.

A fire motor was going by the private cum-business working around 11.15am when the fire broke out. Individuals of the region alarmed the fire fighters. Afterward, another fire motor achieved the spot and the fire was splashed by 11.45am. There were no wounds.

The fire spread rapidly as the electrical wires burst into flames right away. A few occupants said they heard gentle blasts from inside the crate.

"The entire place was loaded with dark smoke in a matter of moments," Paramjit Singh, who lives on the fourth floor, said. "Every one of the occupants came surging down. A few of us helped a 98-year-old specialist living on the best floor move down the stairs."