Chasing Captain America reveals how SUPERHUMANS are not far away

  • 2018-04-28 12:11:13

Chasing Captain America reveals how SUPERHUMANS are not far away

There are a lot of things worth worrying about these days: wealth inequality, climate change, advances in artificial intelligence, and so on.

But bioengineering and its potential unintended consequences are arguably as scary as any of these things.

As Eliza Barclay of Vox reported last year, scientists have already made major breakthroughs in gene editing technology, tinkering with embryos to repair DNA and help fend off disease-causing mutations. And this is likely just the beginning of what’s possible.

Bioengineering is allowing human beings to take control of their own evolution. Whether it’s emergent cloning technologies or advanced gene therapy, we’re quickly approaching a world in which humans can — and will — change the way we live and die.

E. Paul Zehr is a neuroscientist and author of Chasing Captain America, a new book about how advances in biotechnology may lead to the creation of “superhumans,” of the sort depicted in the film Avengers: Infinity War or in comic books like Captain America, in which the hero, Steve Rogers, is given an experimental serum that alters his biology and turns him into a super soldier.

While we’re still likely a couple of decades away from this, we’re a lot closer than people think — and there are a ton of things that could go wrong along the way.