Gear Up

  • 2018-05-31 09:46:10

Gear Up

With the official fullstop at the end of IPL fever this season, many sports lover are at a fix now. What next? What to look forward to back at home after work? Worry not when the waka-waka season is knocking at the doorstep. With one fever down, the city is preparing itself to get struck with the other one. Yes, it's about time - that time of the year when a wait of four long years would come to an end. The FIFA World Cup is finally about to begin. So Kolkata, mark the date in your calender - the 14th of June 2018.
This season the world cup kick starts in Russia with the host country facing Saudia Arabia on field.
32 countries on board, divided in groups of 4 would face each other in queue this season.

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay in group A;

Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Iran in group B;

France, Australia, Peru, Denmark in group C;

Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria in group D;

Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia in group E;

Germany, Mexico, Sweden and South Korea in group F;

Belgium, Panama, Tunisia and England in group G

while group H, the final group consists of Poland, Senegal, Colombia and Japan.

Started 88 years ago in 1930, FIFA World Cup has won a million hearts all across the globe. Taking the world cup home for 5 times, Brazil stands as the most loved and supported team in the tournament. While Germany winning the cup last year is all geared up to compete the champion of the champions.

With the adrenaline rush at peak, Kolkata is eventually getting ready for all the oncoming excitement. Before we dive in into all this FIFA madness let's have a quick look at the schedule and fixture just to be ready for the FIFA fever to set in.

Written by: Sampriti Sarkar