• 2018-04-16 11:16:49


I need a break.

I need to ditch the heat of the city walls.

Hey, are you thinking something similar? Are you webbed in this daily hustle bustle as well? When absolutely tired of this whole regular-life-affairs we all think alike, we all think aloud – to take a break and check off few bullets from the bucket list.

Is it the lush green valley or the snow clad mountain that actually beckons you? Well, who knows?

Let us just find out where the bucket list takes us. It is anyway a win-win situation. Mother Nature and a little break is all that we need to feel rejuvenated once again.

To start with, Rishyap certainly features in my list. It is a small village and hill station in the Kalimpong district of the state of West Bengal, India. Waking up not to work calls but to the majestic views of the Kangchenjunga would be the ideal escape. Isn’t it? After all, the Himalayas are staring at you.

It would be very wrong if Kasol is not up next. Ever heard of this place in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh? Located in the Parvati Valley on the banks of the Parvati river, Kasol’s breathtakingly beautiful landscape is almost home for the backpackers trekking to Malana and Kheerganga.

Aritar is another must mention. I bet many of us aren’t even aware of this region in the East Sikkim district. Located on the far eastern border of East Sikkim, Aritar is isolated and is bounded by Mt.Kangchenjunga . Lush forest, mountains, rivers and the Ghati-Tso Lake is surely going to make your visit worth all the time and money.

Tinchuley, the distant hamlet in the wilderness is no less qualified to make a place for itself in your list. It is located 3Km above Takdah in Darjeeling. A happy place amidst forests and mountains it is all that you need for two lone days with yourself.

I’ll be ending the list with Nathan Valley located in the East Sikkim on the way to old Baba Mandir. They say if you don’t like Nathan Valley, you would not like paradise. The statement is quite self-explanatory for that matter. Sunrise and sunsets in this barren valley is amazingly beautiful amidst a range of cloud covered mountains.