• 2018-04-18 12:24:32


Fierce storms hit the southern parts of WEST BENGAL, including KOLKATA on Tuesday evening claiming as many as 15 lives, according to our sources so far, and leaving several severely injured and damaged!

In Central Kolkata, five people died on Lenin Sarani when a tree fell on the auto they were travelling in. One person was killed when a house collapsed in the Anandapur area in the Eastern part and a pedestrian died after a tree fell on him in Behala in the Southern parts of the city.

Four people, including a teenage girl, were killed in Ward 61 of Howrah near Belur in two separate incidents. Two others were electrocuted when a tree fell on overhead electric wires and the wires crashed on them.

Saltlake.in went on an exclusive survey in SALTLAKE to find out about the after effect and the extent of the damages.

In Saltlake, several trees were uprooted along with lamp posts and traffic signal posts causing irrevocable damages and harassment to commoners.

Several car owners in sector -1, were majorly affected due to heavy trees completely smashing the vehicle. The owners thanked the almighty for being spared from this wrath of nature. Regular life has been disrupted since Tuesday evening as the residents suffered from heavy trees blocking several roads, breaking walls, and damaging vehicles. With electricity and communication wires torn, many are bracing themselves to spend more than 24 hours in darkness and without basic facilities like water and internet.

We have deployed our entire force to clean up the mess from the city streets. By afternoon, all the streets will be cleared and traffic will be normal everywhere. Most of the trouble was due to uprooted trees, lamp posts and dangling wires,” state minister for disaster management Javed Khan said.A flyover railing was uprooted and fell on platform numbers 19 and 20 of Howrah station. However, no one was injured.

In Eastern Railway’s Sealdah division, train movement was disrupted in various sections.

The Kolkata Metro Railway services were hit when a tree fell between Dum Dum and Noapara stations and passengers were stuck in the tunnel.

Officials said a there was a cloud build-up of 10km in height, 13% more than that of Mount Everest, and a spread across 40km.

The storm and rain brought down the temperature by about 7 degrees Celcius. The temperature at 6:30am on Tuesday was 27.3 degrees Celsius, 2 degrees above normal. The temperature on Wednesday at the same time was 20.2 degrees Celsius or 5 degrees below normal.

Weather officials said on Wednesday that the sky will be partly cloudy during the day and there may be several spells of rain and thundershower.