Why So Serious?

  • 2018-05-25 05:59:10

Why So Serious?

Ever thought about the famous dialogue of our favourite super villain, The Joker? Aren't we all a bit too grumpy at our workplace, overburdened with the daily humdrum affairs? Aren't we all just a tad bit sour and gloomy 24x7?

Need a comic relief? Thinking about comic reliefs the only name that hits our system hard is the legendary Charlie Chaplin. Soon after, comes Mr.Bean who always holds this special place in our mind, tickling the funny bones in us as soon as the name pops up in any discussion. But what if you have already watched and re-watched every movie of Chaplin and Bean? What's left next?

Aye, aye Captain worry not when we're here!

Ransacking all the social media platforms, all the trending lists and the popular choices of the people, we came up with our very own list of stand-up comedians who would surely bring a happy light to any bad day.

1. Bhuvan Bam

This Indian comedian, singer and YouTube personality from Delhi won a fair share of hearts with his mimicry and sarcastic videos in his YouTube channel popularly known as BB Ki Vines. The humorous depiction of the life of urban teenagers in his videos are no less than wildfire spreading rapidly among the youth of today. Bhuvan Bam won the award for the Most Popular Channel on YouTube at WebTVAsia Awards 2016.

2. Mallika Dua

Dua is an Indian comedian, actress and writer known popularly for her on-point comic timing. She shot into fame with her quintessential Delhi based character of "Makeup Didi". Dua broke the internet last year with her mock-comic portrayal of the character of Tinder Aunty. Vinod Dua's daughter, Mallika is some serious treat for the funny bones in us. Dua never looked back ever since she launched her own YouTube channel in 2017. She bagged working in All India Bakchod in the recent years and mentored along with Zakir Khan and Hussain Dalal for the fifth season of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.

3. Aditi Mittal

Rated amongst India's top 10 stand up comedians by the Times of India, Mittal is one of the first women to do stand up comedy in India. She is also a well known actress and writer. One of the best known faces of the Indian english stand up comedy, she was featured in CNNIBN.com as top 30 witty and incredibly funny Indian women. Mittal speaks not only fluent english and hindi but also has comprehension in french and spanish.

Featuring as a part of the Roast panel on the AIB (All India Bakchod) in December 2014, Mittal believes that humor is the best fix for gravitas.

4. Zakir Khan

In the recent times, we all must have come across the name "Sakht Launda". Yes, that's right. You read it right. We're talking about Zakir Khan who is also popularly known as the "Sakht Launda". This stand up comedian shot into fame and rose to popularity after winning Comedy Central's India's Best Stand-Up Comedian competition. The new comedy show "On Air With AIB" featured Khan in 2015. Zakir co-hosted and wrote this show with Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba from the Indian Comedy Group, All India Bakchod.

5. Ashish Chanchlani

The popular YouTuber from Mumbai runs his channel Ashish Chanchlani Ki Vines which mounted up over 3 million subscribers since 2014. Chanchlani's comic videos connected with the public in a jiffy and of late certain bollywood stars used his channel in promoting their films. This 24 years old comedian won a million hearts with his comical representation of the youth and its relationship with family, friends and its day-to-day problems.

Compiled by: Sampriti Sarkar