Your 500 Days of Summer

  • 2018-05-02 13:38:04

Your 500 Days of Summer

The summer ain't just over yet .What better ways to cheat the heat of the city than planning a quiet escape to the hills?
Usually travel stories are full of deluxe hotel stays and exquisite trial of authentic cuisines.
But this one is a bit different.

It is all about lust green mountains, fiercely colourful wildflowers, mystical pine forests and cozy home-stays.

Not very known to many people, Chhibo is a very small village in Darjeeling, only 4kms away from Kalimpong. Located at an average altitude of 4100ft, Chhibo has the most pleasant weather for a weekend getaway .

One of the main attractions in Chhibo is the Durpin Dara-an observatory point with the breathtaking view of the Himalayas and the green Teesta flowing far below in the plains.

Chhibo is extremely colourful and picturesque; coloured with the colour of the red,yellow,blue and pink wildflowers everywhere.

To top it all , the warm and cordial host of the home-stays makes it a lot better in every way .Also, the mouth watering momos and thukpas there simply can't be excluded from the Chhibo diaries.

Easy on the pocket , soothing on the eyes and ecstasy to the soul , Chhibo is a must visit this Summer for all the wanderlust souls.

Written by: Sampriti Sarkar