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Parents. The most awful people related to us. We are arrived in life because of their sacrifices. Their devotion writes our success stories. They bear all the pain so that we are going to live a happier life. But are we happy? Yes, we got success. We go to the top. Earn a respectable income. But in this rat race we can’t afford to give time to our elderly persons. May be we are living far away from them. Sometimes we can’t meet physically even once in a year. The senior citizen community by large are being lonely. They feel alone. Feel helpless. Feel depressed.

SALTLAKE.IN is committed to give some joy, pleasure and assurance to these lonely people by various activities and initiatives like SOS Service, Emergency Service, Phone Call Service, Social Event Service and so on mainly at Bidhan Nagar area. All these services are delivered either Free of Cost or at a Nominal Cost basis.

But this is a mammoth task and can’t be continue without your help. Now its your turn to help those parents and in this way return back something to the society also. So contribute in our mission generously so that we shall deliver these services to those parents who are struggling at the end period of their life. Stand beside those helpless senior citizens community. And if you can devote some time also then it will be highly appreciate. After all quality time matters more to them.